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mining consulting africa


Compliance reports

  • If you need to publish a technical report, or choose to submit a voluntary technical report. (JORC, Samrec & NI43-101)
  • If you require a Competent Person’s Report or a Mineral Expert’s Report.
  • If you want advice on what reports you require and how to approach the public reporting process.
  • When you have to submit a mining works programme.
  • When you want to conduct a technical due diligence on a project or mine that forms part of a potential M&A or corporate action.
  • If you require a technical basis to raise capital for mining studies.
  • If you require a valuation of a mining project or want to review an existing valuation.
  • If you want a mine planning, resource or reserve review.

Mine planning and turnaround strategies

  • If you want to reduce your mining unit cost.
  • If you want to increase production and efficiency on your mine.
  • If you see an opportunity in the optimisation of your mining fleet.
  • If you want to implement a sustainable planning process or evaluate various mine planning tools.
  • If you want the support of an experienced mining technical team.
  • If you need short or medium-term mine planning capacity onsite.
  • If you understand that the operational plan does not add value without authority, measurement, implementation, transparency and compliance.
  • If you want someone to build your mining models and/or schedule them.
  • When you implement a mining project.

Project management

  • If you require experienced project managers for your mining projects.
  • If you need to deliver a mining feasibility study (desktop, concept, pre-feasibility or feasibility study) and do not have the capacity in-house.
  • If you are looking for a single service provider to manage the successful delivery of the complete mining feasibility study.
  • If you require specialist mining project management services that understand mining projects based on a team led by qualified mining engineers.
  • If you want to implement a new system or process and you want mining specialists to manage the process on your behalf.
  • If you need experienced specialists mentor and support your internal project management staff.
  • If you want a review of your internal project management requirements or processes.
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