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Strategic LOM plans and feasibility studies

  • When you need to deliver a concept, pre-feasibility or feasibility study for a mining project.
  • When you want to revise, redo, update or optimise your mine’s LOM plan.
  • If you are looking for technical mining specialists for advice on technical mining aspects.
  • When you want independent and technical mining specialists to conduct trade-off studies on:
    • Blending strategies versus sequential mining - Production rates and product specifications
    • Owner operations versus contractor mining
    • Various mining methods and equipment
    • Stockpiling requirements
    • Ore handling strategies
    • Staffing requirements.
  • When you require a detailed budget plan that is executable, achievable and an operational best fit.
  • When you want to construct and optimise a repeatable, auditable and transparent operational and/or capital cost model.
  • When you understand that the audience, requirements and level of detail for short-term planning, medium-term planning, and long-term planning are vastly different.
  • When you understand that effective mine plans, effective mining strategies and the buy-in from the production team add significant value to your operation.
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